Instagram tip: how to follow hashtags

With the latest Instagram-update comes a new feature: following hashtags. This is a new way to keep track of the popular posts about a certain subject, for example: fashion. For the people who are still trying to figure out how to follow a hashtag or for the people who didn’t even know about the new feature till […]

New WhatsApp update looks like Snapchat

WhatsApp has introduced an update today: new camera functions. You can now add emoji stickers to a photo. Besides that it’s now possible to draw on pictures, just like Snapchat. Is WhatsApp copying Snapchat? WhatsApp vs. Snapchat On Snapchat it was already possible to draw on pictures or add stickers, but WhatsApp copied the function. […]


Bitcoin: Interview with Peter Smith, CEO of Blockchain

The bitcoin is online money, even banks are using bitcoins. Peter Smith is CEO at Blockchain, the worlds most popular and most used Bitcoin Wallet. Blockchain has over 4 million users and there are over 130.000 transactions every day. Peter was giving a press conference at the Web Summit to answer some questions.   The […]

Top 10 Christmas gifts for him

Christmas is coming to town! That means family dinners, Christmas trees and… gifts. As a woman it’s difficult to find the perfect Christmas gift for him, by him I mean your boyfriend, your father, that crazy uncle and even your annoying brother. I interviewed a few men with the question what they want to find under […]

Dan Brown

Web Summit: Dan Brown in conversation

  He is the author of the Da Vinci Code, one of the world’s most famous books ever written. He wrote his first book when he was five years old and he is still writing everyday. Dan Brown was at the Web Summit to talk about his experience as a writer. His father was a professor […]

Web Summit: Ed Catmull of Pixar Animations and Walt Disney in conversation

  Edwin Earl Catmull is a computer scientist, the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and president of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Pixar is an American animation computer film studio based in California, which produced famous movies as Toy Story, Inside Out and Finding Nemo. Walt Disney is responsible for the greatest children’s’ movies like Mickey […]